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Fun, bubbly, and filled with history, our story begins on a mountain…

We searched high and low, far and wide to find a water that would wow. A taste that would not only wet the lips, but quench our thirst for adventure.

From Texas all the way to Turkey, our journey lead us to Mount Ida where legend lives and beauty abounds. The springs of Mount Ida, nicknamed “Kaz” Mountain, spill over the ancient region of Troy and trickle throughout the pages of history. The often referred to “sacred spring,” where we found our watering hole, was not only the setting of Paris’s infamous fall for Helen but the rise of Zeus by Homer in the Illiad.

The naturally sparkling, crystal-like water is said to have bathed Helen of Troy, keeping her young and beautiful, fueled Achilles and his insatiable instinct for battle and bravery, and brought forth the power of Zeus and the radiance of Aphrodite.

With one sip, we were sold. This was the water we would conquer the world with, this was the water we would share with our brethren, this was the water, the only water, the original water.

Adventure awaits!

Kaz Orijinal

Fresh, Distinctive, Legendary

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